Love this little girl! She transitioned into our home extremely well. She a joy to have she loves kids and has a blast running around with the cats. This was our first experience at Companion pups and it was the best! Friendly staff and they are there for you to call anytime if you have questions or concerns I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to add a little bundle of joy to their family?

Name: Mochi (arianna)
Customer: Courtney c. (Ashland, ky)
Date: 4/25/2020

My daughter had been asking for a small dog for over a year. I had searched for a Maltese for a while but they were either over priced or obvious scams. Companion puppies have been awesome great experience buying Domino, the process was very easy. I went to pick him up at the airport and he was so cute and eager to play. The follow was great and Domino has adapted very well. All of our family loves him and we are thankful he is part of our family now.

Name: Domino
Customer: Juan Gonzalez (Houston, TX)
Date: 5/5/2020

We brought Remi home on Valentine’s Day this year. She has been such a blessing to our family. Her personality is everything we had hoped for.

Name: Remi (formerly Fiesta)
Customer: Tara (Perrysburg)
Date: 4/17/2020

For years I have wanted a small puppy, but in the past I have been quick to buy and there were issues with the breeding which caused health issues. My first mistake was I should have done my research. So in late March of this year I set out to do just that. I did my research called local facilities and breeders and just wasn’t impressed. I furthered my research and came across Companion pups at first I was a little skeptical as I would have to pay in full and hope I like the puppy, I was also a little concerned since the puppy would be flown in. After reading reviews and doing my research I fell in love with companion pups. They answered any question I had even if I called 15X a day. As many know a lot of states have been in lockdown due to COVID-19 this worried me even more because I had already purchased her and was scared I wouldn’t receive her, But Mike and Lacie went above and beyond and flew his own jet in to deliver our puppies. I would recommend companion pups especially if you have had a bad experience in the past with buying a puppy. Hands down best puppy facility ever, I will never buy from anyone except them! Thank you all for your hard work!

Name: Denise
Breed: Maltese
Customer: Kiley Johnson (Venice, Florida)
Date: 4/22/2020

We received our puppy Baxter, now Dude in November 2019. He was shipped from companion Pups. He came in a carrying crate with food, water and preventative medicine. The vet was impressed and so were we on his arrival. We immediately fell in love when we saw him. He is so smart, friendly, and loving. He gets along with every dog and human he meets. As first time dog-owners, we could not ask for a better dog or experience than we had with Premier Pups.

Name: Baxter
Breed: Maltese
Customer: Jo-Ann and Mario (Connecticut)
Date: 3/23/2020

We got Wrigley (Wade) a couple years ago, and we LOVE him. Not the entire family loves animals, but Wrigley has changed their opinion. He never barks, was potty trained in less than a week, and is the cutest little thing. He will do literally whatever you want, whether it be to snuggle or play and run around. Wrigs is the best Christmas present in the world, and is like the 7th member of the family. He goes everywhere we go, and we are always getting stopped by passing strangers for them to pet him and visit. He doesn’t mind it at all, and in fact loves getting the attention. We definitely think that companion Pups was the best choice, and we wouldn’t trade Wrigley for the world.

Name: Wrigley (formerly Wade)
Breed: Maltese
Customer: Sheldon Gremillion (Baton Rouge, LA)
Date: 1/16/2020

We bought this dog on Thursday, April 16 th and my daughter loves her.

Name: Lili
Customer: Karen Cornish (Birmingham)
Date: 4/19/2020

We picked up Roxy and our life has been so full ever since. She is 6.5 months old and has been easy to train and she plays so well with people and other dogs. Her coat is very soft and she does not shed (F1B). CP really found us a gem of a dog and we will be back to get another!

Name: Roxy (Sequoia)
Breed: Maltese
Customer: A. Campen (Ohio)
Date: 4/14/2020

Seamless puppy buying experience. Jacob and Roger were always responsive towards answering our questions throughout the whole process. We are happy to have Maisie (aka Tayla) here as a part of our family.

​Name: Maisie
Breed: Maltese
Customer: Jillian & Pras (Quincy, MA)
Date: 4/13/2020

He is so playful and he gets right along with any other dogs. They play together all day. He’s so easy to train.

Name: Murph
Breed: Maltese
Customer: Jacob (Logan, WV)
Date: 5/3/2020