Maltese Puppies For Adoption

Maltese puppies for adoption

We have Maltese puppies for adoption, We are dog lovers and huggers. But above all, we are Maltese enthusiasts and lovers of all things Maltese!! Owning our own Maltese over the years has shown us the love and magnificent essence of the breed. We have studied the breed, learned their ways, and educated ourselves in the world of canine genetics, health, training, and also pet scams.
If you wanna talk Maltese, pull up a chair, I’ll pour the tea. If you’re looking for a pet Maltese, we are happy to help you find a Maltese puppies for adoption safely in a world of scam artist. Whether here or over seas, from a breeder or shelter, we can help steer you in the right direction. We know people and things. And on occasion, we have our own puppies to offer, but are retiring soon due to human health issues.


The holistic health, cleanliness, quality, and happiness of our own puppies is of the utmost importance to us. We raise our Maltese in our home with lots of love and care. Our puppies are not numbers, they are our family. We are not a kennel, we are a home. And our Maltese puppies for adoptionare available on a limited basis, But they are worth the wait if there are none available. But if you can’t wait, let us help you find a pet safely because the world is full of scams.

Finding a puppy in today’s world can be frustrating and even dangerous. We get it, and we’re sick of it.

Here at companionMaltese, we believe adopting should be a care free experience. Your pet should come to you clean, healthy, and worry free…. The only thing you should have to worry about is what kind of toys you’re going to buy for your new baby!  
Check out our available Maltese puppies for adoptionpage and our rescue page for available pets.
Also feel free to contact us with your concerns, we charge nothing for knowledge and offer peace of mind.

Maltese puppies for adoption